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Commercial Roofing 101

Updated: May 31, 2023

Commercial roofing is an important part of protecting the assets of your business, but it can be difficult to choose which type of roofing works best for your business. Each commercial roofing type has its own strengths and weaknesses, so this article will help you understand what makes each type different from the others and how to decide which one would be best for your business’s specific needs.

Commercial Roof Materials

There are several different types of commercial roof materials, including clay tile, concrete tile, rubberized membrane, metal, single-ply membrane, double-ply membrane and shingle. The most common choice is asphalt shingles due to their low price point. However, for long-term use or high-traffic areas of your building—such as near loading docks or entrances—metal roofs may be a better option.

While asphalt shingles are affordable, they don’t last nearly as long as metal roofs. Asphalt shingles have a lifespan of only 15 to 20 years. Metal roofs are able to withstand up to 110 mph winds, which makes them ideal for areas where high winds occur frequently. They typically come with a 30-year warranty on materials and installation.

Commercial Roof Cost

The cost of commercial roof installations can vary greatly based on your roof’s construction, complexity, your location, labor costs and a variety of other factors. You will need to factor in replacement materials and repairs down the road. To help offset these expenses over time, it is usually best to choose a high-quality roof that will last for many years without needing extensive repairs or replacements.

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Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance

Taking care of your commercial roof is critical to its longevity. Think about it, roofs are one of a building’s most important structural components, not to mention that they’re also meant to provide protection from unpredictable weather. But without proper maintenance, your roof can quickly become damaged and run into major issues. If you want to keep your building in top shape throughout its lifetime, regular maintenance is crucial!

If you are ever unsure if you need maintenance ask yourself: Is there any damage or wear? Are there any leaks? What kind of repairs need to be made? Once you have all these answers, you can take action and make sure your roof stays protected for years to come.

Why You Need A Commercial Roofing Contractor

A commercial roof can be one of your biggest expenses. If you’re in charge of a commercial property, then knowing when to repair, replace or maintain a roof is vital. Luckily, it’s easy to find a commercial roofing contractor if you look for certain qualities.

At Gluth Brothers Roofing, we offer:

  • 136 years of commercial roofing experience

  • All roofing, sheet metal, and carpentry work performed by our own employees

  • We have our own full equipped sheet metal fabrication shop to custom form your sheet metal for the perfect look and fit

  • Annual safety training program for all field and supervisory employees

  • Project safety inspections

  • The most modern safety equipment

  • Annual manufacturer's warranties offered

  • Certified by all major roofing systems manufacturers to furnish and install their roofing systems

  • ​Long term manufacturer's warranties offered

  • Roof inspections and evaluations

  • Value engineering ideas to save you money and get the most for your investment

  • Outstanding roof leak repair and roof maintenance programs

  • Our employees are experienced, courteous and customer service oriented

  • Licensed and Bonded with the State of Indiana and Illinois Department of Professional Regulations | License #104-009170

We have put on commercial roofs for small businesses, corporation establishments, school systems, healthcare facilities, and government buildings. No matter how big or small your project is, Gluth Brothers Roofing will always be there to help.

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Jun 07

This guide is a great resource for business owners!  The breakdown of different commercial roof systems, like metal and low-slope, is particularly helpful for understanding the options available.

Given the focus on protecting your investment,  could you elaborate on the pros and cons of preventative maintenance plans for commercial roofs?  Are there specific types of commercial roofs that benefit more from regular maintenance?


Apr 28, 2023

The most important part of any kind of building is the roof. All roofs are designed to protect the rest of the structure. So, always keep it maintained whether it is your commercial roof or your residential roof. Call roof repair experts for once in a year so that your roof damages will be repaired on time and it will get protected from other damages in the future.

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