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Time and material roof repair

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Sheet Metal Roofing

Low Lifecycle Cost. High Durability.

Sheet metal roofing offers the benefits of exceptional durability and low lifecycle costs, thus making it one the best roofing options for your business or home. We provide custom sheet metal services, so the possibilities are endless. We have installed metal roofing for a variety of buildings including: houses, schools, hospitals, restaurants, government buildings, and more. Need a reference? We have plenty!

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our elite sheet metal crew provides custom handmade sheet metal, so the possibilities are are endless. Whether the desired sheet metal project is en entire cover of the roof or accent pieces - we do it all! Adding trim or other aesthetic design touches to the exterior of your home or business make it stand out from the rest.

Our Custom Sheet Metal Projects

Since possibilities are endless, our trained and certified sheet metal crew have created custom pieces over the years including: the radius around Block Stadium in East Chicago, speciality vents to promote airflow due to COVID-19 for Porter Memorial Hospital and much more!

What Are The Benefits?

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What Keeps Your Home Protected?

There are many components to your roof than what meets the eye. No matter what your roofing needs are, at Gluth Brothers Roofing we offer a full line of roofing services and more! Our knowledgable sales staff will provide you with a free estimate on the services listed below. Our trained expert roofers will complete project and give you peace-of-mind.

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